Unsecured credit lines for your business. Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Buy Now, Pay 120 Days Later/ 


We pay your vendors. You pay Drip back up to 120 days later.

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Extend your payment terms
  • Meet seasonal demand

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Secure your financing today:

Elevate your borrowing power now with the industry's highest limit and the most competitive rates for an unsecured, no-collateral credit line

Get extended payment terms on your purchases

  • Step 1:  Your vendor ships the goods and requests payment

  • Step 2: You share soft copies of your documents with Drip*

  • Step 3: Drip pays your vendor on that same day

  • Step 4: You pay us back up to 120 days later with associated fees

* Share commercial invoices with Drip.

The Drip Advantage

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Collateral-Free Credit

Get unsecured credit of up to $3M in a matter of days

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Get Lower Rates

Access the most competitive rates in the industry

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Dedicated account manager to help your business grow

Our Expertise in the Seafood Industry

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We are working
with 100+ seafood
importers and exporters

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Our customers trade
shrimp, fish, scallops, crab,
and many other varieties

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5,000+ seafood
related invoices
financed to date